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photos of the Yellowstone Canyon Wolf pack reflected in water
Yellowstone Wolf Photos
Wolf Reflections
long legged Wolves trot in Yellowstone
Yellowstone Wolf Photos
Wolves trot thru Timber
Wolves fight with a Bear and each other over an Elk and Bison kill
Yellowstone Wolf Photos
Wolves fight with a Bear

A Cow Elk is hunted by Wolves
Hayden Yellowstone Wolf Photos
Wolves kill an Elk

The White alpha female of the Hayden Wolf pack howls against the skyline
Yellowstone White Wolf
Wolves Howling
A black wolf from Yellowstone's Mollie pack trots across the grass
Yellowstone Black Wolves
Photos of the Mollies

Two Desert Bighorn ewes climb the cliffs in Zion National Park


New Series !

Desert Bighorns
Zion National Park

Desert Bighorn Photos

A Desert Bighorn looks at the photographer in Zion National Park


A Mexican_Wolf looks at the photographer
Mexican Wolf Photos

a Yellowstone Grizzly hump is visible as he walks in the fall grass
Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Photos

A huge black bear looks into the camera
Black Bear Photos

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The red fox and his bushy tail are posed against the snow
Fox Photos
Cute Foxes and Fox Pups

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Pika on a rock making a warning call
Pika Photos
Alberta wolves chase bighorn sheep
Alberta Wolves Chase Bighorns
Trophy Bighorn gets Away

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Two bighorn rams fight
Bighorn Sheep Photos

These Dall Sheep rams have beautiful curving horns
Dall Sheep Photos

Moutain Goat mother protects her lamb
Mountain Goat Photos

Bull Elk in fall colors
Elk Photos

Massive Atypical Mule Deer looks over his shoulder in the snow
Mule Deer Photos

White Tail Deer buck on a hillside
White Tail Deer Photos

Burros and baby burro photos
Burro Photos

Pronghorn Buck looks into the distance
Pronghorn Photos

Caribou Trio on the frozen tundra of Alaska
Caribou Photos

Bridled_Titmouse - bird photos against orange background
Bridled Titmouse Photos

Vermilion_Flycatcher - bird photos bright orange red color
Vermilion Flycatcher Photos

Ruddy_Duck - bird photos with blue bill splashes in the water
Ruddy Duck Photos

Acorn_Woodpecker - bird photos
Acorn Woodpecker Photos

Endangered rare Elegant_Trogan bird photos
Elegant Trogan rare Photos

Mexican Jay - bird photos
Mexican Jay Photos

Sandhill Crane - bird photos in flight
Sandhill Crane Photos

Birds - Sage Grouse puffs his chest as his tail feathers form a war bonnet
Sage Grouse Photos

Snow Geese - bird photos wings spread for landing
Snow Geese Photos

Mourning Dove on rock
Songbird Photos

Titmouse on a branch - bird photos
Woodpeckers etc Photos
Avocets -  shorebird wades in water
Avocets shorebird Photos

Wood Duck walks on ice
Wood Duck Photos

Owl - grey owl in tree
Owl Photos

Bald Eagle - headshot bird Photos
Bald Eagle Photos
Brown Pelican stretchs its wings on a pier post
Pelican and Geese Photos

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Butterfly photos
Butterfly Photos



Larry was the first wildlife photographer to have his photos made into a limited edition collectible item by The Bradford Exchange.  Since the early 1970s, The Bradford Exchange has been recognized as the premier source for a vast array of unique limited-edition collectibles and fine gifts that offer an exceptionally high level of artistry, innovation and enduring value.

Larry Thorngren's Wolves Of Yellowstone Framed Quintet

"A stunning premiere! Esteemed wildlife photographer and conservationist Larry Thorngren's most hailed photographs recreated in a porcelain panoramic wolf art wall decor collection........This quintet of Yellowstone art plaques recreates the renowned photos in vivid detail and features wolves from three different packs, captured in spontaneous moments."  The Bradford Exchange


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